Moscow International Workshop 2018
Petrozavodsk Winter Camp 2019

ICPC Regional Cup Beta, round 5
NEERC.West 17:11 UralSib
NEERC.South 19:13 Kazakhstan
SPb SU.B 15:14 Moscow.B
NEERC.West.B 11:16 NEERC.South.B
N.Novgorod.B 12:12 UralSib.B

Congrats to Michael Tikhomirov (Moscow IPT The Sun team), who finished 4'th in TCO-2014 Finals!

In Moscow IPT started IV Training Camp in Competitive Programming.

21.11.2014 personal contest for players involved in MIPT Trainig camp 2014 will be held by Codeforces on round 278 div1 problems. First 20 contestants from the MIPT Training camps will be awarded by Codeforces T-Shirt. First, second and third place between those players will be awarded by medals as individual contest winners.
To participate please fill this form.

The summary results of the camp for both divisions are accessible using Rating pop-up menu in the upper menu; the results of the single contests and CMS entry points for the teams and judges are placed in the left pop-up menus (Day 1, Day2 etc).

Суммарные результаты сборов для обоих дивизионов доступны по ссылке Rating в верхнем выпадающем меню. Результаты отдельных контестов и вход в тестирующую систему для участников и жюри доступны по ссылкам из левого меню (Day 1, Day2 etc).

* Palindromic Tree lecture
Please for preparing for Palindromic tree contest solve the problems from

Moreover, you can read about this structure in and (second link only in Russian).

20.11.2014 (чт) 15:40. Problem B of the 2014 Hard Blitz (Elevator) contained incorrect tests with T>100,000. Those tests are removed, all affected solutions are rejudged.

20.11.2014 (чт) 15:00. Eleventh round of the Training Camp - Another European Regional - is over.

18.11.2014 (вт) 20:09. Eighth round of the Training Camp - Almost East Siberian Blitz - is over.

18.11.2014 (вт) 18:45. Tenth round of the Training Camp - 2014 Hard Blitz - is over.
Congrats NRU HSE #1 (Kolosov, Samelyuk, Iskhakov) on their first victory at Moscow IPT Training Camps!

18.11.2014 (вт) 15:20. Ninth round of the Training Camp - Xi'An Asia Regional 2014 - is over.

18.11.2014 (вт) 15:00. Seventh round of the Training Camp - Geometry Contest - is over. Special link from Michael Rubinchik for work on Geometry contest problems is posted.

16.11.2014 (вс) 16:20. Sixth round of the Training Camp - Grand Prix of Central Europe (AMPPZ-2014) - is over. You may download analysis of the contest in PDF (English).

14.11.2014 (пт) 18:40. Fifth round of the Training Camp - Alexander Milanin Contest - is over.

14.11.2014 (пт) 13:30. Fourth round of the Training Camp - Optimization Contest - is over. Additional materials can be found here.

13.11.2014 (чт) 18:30. Third round of the Training Camp - East-West Blitz Contest - is over.
Congrats Saratov SU 1 (Kudryashov, Gusarov, Kudasov) on their first victory at Moscow IPT Training Camps!

13.11.2014 (чт) 15:00. Second round of the Training Camp - Vasily Astakhov Selection 4 - is over.
Congrats Moscow SU Trinity (Akhmedov, Gorbunov, Shlyunkin) on their first victory at Moscow IPT Training Camps!

12.11.2014 (ср) 23:00. First round of the Training Camp - Japanese Alumni Group Autumn Contest 1 - is over.